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Our work family is composed of the most capable individuals who are carefully selected based on their qualifications, comprehensively trained to our high standards, and constantly involved in shaping the growth of our world-class company.

To join our family, most will start as an Associate.

The opportunity to become stakeholders of our company is not available to investors or franchisees (we do not accept either), but only to our Associates. Associates are encouraged to learn valuable skills and grow with on-the-job work experience. Associates have the opportunity to be promoted from within and offered opportunities to actually run their own business as managers, and be rewarded as such.

Xi'an Famous Foods is a successful business that believes in the success of its employees as individuals. Our Associates' wages are among the highest in the industry at $16.50/hour starting rate, with skill-based raises, and comprehensive health/dental/vision insurance and 401K plans for all eligible employees, just to name a few benefits.

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