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I would like to franchise or invest in Xi'an Famous Foods, how do I do that?
Please explain the letter/numbering system for the menu.
What are those spongy things that look like tofu/meat (found in A1, A2)?
Why don’t you use more environmentally friendly bowls?
Do you use MSG?
Why can’t I add/substitute?
Can I add/substitute different ingredients in dishes?
What is your hand-ripped noodles made from?
What are your different types of noodles made of?
What is the difference between A1 and A2?
What are the differences between the pork noodles (i.e. N3 vs. N4 vs. N9)?
What are the gluten-free options?
What are the vegetarian/vegan options?
Can you make things less oily? I see a lot of oil in my food and I am concerned.
How spicy is “spicy”?
What do you recommend?
What are your best sellers?
What do YOU (as staff) like?

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